What it means to advertise with Us

We are the world’s travel search engine of choice. As a metasearch, we offer a transparent and simple solution for dreaming, researching, planning, and booking travel options. We have built our business on our obsession for quality products, an exceptional user experience, and a passion for customer retention. And this translates into how we operate our advertising. 

We understand the need to control every component of advertising; from design, to messaging, to placement and targeting. This is why we promise our partners to brand safety. We also ensure our users receive relevant advertising by working directly with all our advertisers. Our brand, our placements, and our audience are exclusive to our partners and cannot be accessed through any third party. Finally, to ensure you get the most from advertising with us, we will work closely with you to identify brand-appropriate solutions that will help you to meet your business objectives and capitalize on our in-house expertise.


How we work with advertisers 

No two brands are the same, so clearly, no two advertising solutions should be either. That’s why we seek to offer each and every partner a bespoke service, tailored directly to their needs, with a named client manager to assist and advise across everything from design to technology. 

So, as well as offering standard iAB and native units on-site with a wide range of targeting options, and delivering audience extension based on our third-party data management platform, we aim to work with our partners to provide options which reflect both your brand and business objectives. Whether you are an airline looking to showcase your latest offerings and innovations, or a non-travel brand looking to tap into our unique audience, we can create the perfect package for you. 

Our industry-leading data and analytics also enable us to optimize and report regularly on your objectives and how they are being met. Helping you directly every penny of your budget towards the most rewarding and effective customers. Using our in-house experimentation toolkit and expertise, we can test creatives and messaging to determine the best combination for your campaign; through our API and reporting tools we build and share custom and sales reports with you on a regular basis; and through connectivity with 3rd party ad servers we can run campaigns optimized for custom metrics, whilst also delivering seamless billing and invoicing options.

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